The Total Employee Development System of the DoD

Total employee development system is important for an organization to reap the benefits of hiring people who can deliver what is required of them in their jobs. One way to obtain such benefits is to orient them as to a company's vision and mission. Employees are made aware of their duties and responsibilities in the scheme of things. Allowing them to take part in events, such as conferences, can be a motivational tool that can inspire them to better perform. Likewise, providing for their continuous education communicates the organization's strategies and helps them realize their contribution to the success of the organization.

Equipping employees with the appropriate training makes them more efficient and effective. Trainings arm employees with the proper armaments to deal with problems and solve them. It does not necessitate raising concerns to upper management when they themselves can work out solutions at their level. Time is not wasted and the sense of accomplishment it gives to an employee can boost morale. Man-hours are not wasted as well since upper management is spared from dwelling on concerns which rank-and-file or supervisory employees can handle. They can spend more time on other concerns.

Employees also see a total employee development system as a way of enhancing personal effectiveness. Through this, the way they communicate and interact with others – whether colleagues, associates or neighbors – is improved. Moreover, it amplifies their sense of self-responsibility. The way they see themselves make them more aware of how their decisions can affect their circumstances. Also, employees are taught how to deal with change and grow from experiences that bring about change externally as well as internally. Such a system provides employees with the skills needed in team building and conflict resolution.

In order to aid employees in acquiring development goals, they are also counseled. It encourages and guides them to follow certain paths that could result to a good working attitude and environment to better performance. Choices are also arrived at based on an employee's aptitude, skill, personality and interest. Skills and interests may be evaluated as to its suitability to a certain division or task. Through counseling and evaluation, conclusions may be drawn which can be used to guide personnel actions. Assessing an individual's personality also enables human resource practitioners to learn and decide where a person should be assigned so that that person is comfortable and effective in his / her task. This allows people to perform better.

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