Classic Hindi Poems To Propagate Learning and Development in Your Child

Take a look at some of the classic Hindi poems for kids and the things your child can learn from them.

  • Mahadevi Verma's- Kahan Rahegi Chidiya

Kahan Rahegi Chidiya talks about a bird the kind of helplessness it experiences during a rainstorm her nest and offspring are destroyed. It is a wonderful classic written by Mahadevi Verma. She is an exemplary poetess of the Chhayavadi genre of Indian poetry who has written scores of poems for children. A lot of her writings include animals for she wishes to help children comprehend the trail they often suffer.

Reading Kahan Rahegi Chidiya propagates social and emotional expansion of the child with a better understanding of animals and emotions of other beings. Moreover, a child's imagination gets a boost while visualizing the sequence in the rhymes upon hearing the poem read out.

  • Manohar Lal 'Ratnam''s- Keel Purani Hai

The esteemed poet Manohar Lal 'Ratnam' makes a great effort to explain the significance of an old nail as a new calendar hands on it. It challenges the tradition of out with the old and in with the new and explains to kids the ways of the world by using the metaphor of an aged peg on the wall. Since this uses a figure of speech, your child can learn a lot more than just the rhyme as the poem has a deeper meaning to it.

Furthermore, noticing the rhyming scheme in poetry entails understanding that there are lines ending with a rhyme. They become competent in identifying patterns when is saying a great deal about their cognitive progress.

  • Harivansh Rai Bachchan's Aa Rahi Ravi Ki Savari

Harivansh Rai Bachchan's contribution to Hindi poetry has been noteworthy. His poem, Aa Rahi Ravi Ki Savari is an excellent choice for young children who wish to learn about the manner in which the day dawns. The poet has explained the stars and moon rushing away as they sun rides up in his chariot each morning. Kids better comprehend daily phenomenon while exploring the whimsical, yet rhythmical arrangement of stanzas written by the famed poet.

  • Manohar Lal 'Ratnam''s- Ganga Jal

Ganga Jal is all about the cleansing of sins that people believe happens when they bathe in the holy Ganga. The poet makes an attempt to talk to children about repenting for follies and taking responsibility for their actions. It is a great way to help children understand the importance of owning up for even the most trivial of misdeeds, which can be a valuable life lesson on honesty.

Since a lot of these poems use a few new words that the kids may not be accustomed to, they can learn them in the process to better understand the rhyme.

Learning chapters and theory by rote creates a sense of pressure in your child. This can be alleviated by listening to familiar poems that can impart knowledge through repetition easily enough with the help of the interesting rhyme.

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